Hello, everyone! TJ here. Another week has passed, and we’re all one week closer to the unknowable catharsis of death! Hmm, if death is “unknowable,” why would I call it “catharsis”? Poor writing, Teej. Off to a great start.

Last Wednesday we had a wonderful talk with J. Scott Winegarner, a local animator/producer/excellent human being. If you haven’t already listened to our conversation, you can do so here. Or check it out on iTunes here. Or shop for plush dinosaurs here.

Before recording, we went out for ice cream and Cuban coffee at a handmade ice cream joint called Fifty Licks on SE Clinton. If you agree to be a guest on our podcast, we’ll treat you well.

In case you didn’t catch them the first time, here are links to some of the stuff we spoke about:

– Josh’s blog and project showcase

– PMP Productions

– Free Will Entertainment, Will Vinton’s enterprise

– Top Shelf Productions

Gunter and Bean, local artist/helper with Winegarner’s latest project

In other news, I’ve decided to get serious about writing a pilot episode for Fruit High, the preview for which you may have already seen. Here it is again:


Lastly, I’m planning to see Godzilla today. I’ve heard good things.

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