The man who did nothing

Did nothing

For fear of being wrong.


For years he sat silent

In his inoffensive apartment,

Abstaining from life

And trying not to think dirty thoughts.


Sleep, eat, repeat,

Every day.

It wasn’t right,

But how could it be wrong?


Before, when he did things,

He saw how wrong he could be.

Buy from WAL-MART—

Endorse cultural homogenization.

Stay in the shower longer than necessary to masturbate—

Kill polar bears.

Practice your faith—

Defy another.

Better to do nothing,

He thought,

Than offend anyone.


In the lonely hours

He suspected himself

Of a serious crime—

He did nothing

When he could do everything.


The man

who did nothing

Did nothing

Because there was nothing to do—

Except be wrong,

Except be right.