Sam and TJ wonder what life would be like if they had been born with all six limbs – WAIT NO, they discuss the amorphous entity that is music and how it makes us feel things.

Sam and TJ scratch the surface

of a long-standing form of media, literature. Then Old Man Higgins gets really mad at them for getting his surfaces all scratched up. McKenzie drops in again with the thought-provoking questions.

Continuing their survey of astoundingly broad topics, Sam and TJ take a look at film: film history, its cultural effects, and of course, Jurassic Park. Sam also receives a spooky visitor.

Some music (“Penumbra” and “Colorless Aura”) provided by Kevin MacLeod at

Sam and TJ tackle the Internet, figuratively. They don’t do a lot of literal tackling. McKenzie stops by to pose a question.

Sam and TJ take a look at their favorite things: snowflakes on noses and whiskers on kittens, but mostly video games. For some reason, Sam

is never in the room at the same time as Scooter the Armadillo!

Some music (“Ambler” and “Jaunty Gumption”) supplied by Kevin Macleod at

Sam and T.J. are off to a rocky start in this inaugural episode. They introduce themselves, discuss the objectives of In Medias Rad, provide

a colorful definition of media, perform an improv scene, and engage in general tomfoolery.