Welcome, listeners. The podcast begins along with the Netflix stream of said episode. Please begin both items at the same time. Pop corn is self-serve. Thank you, and enjoy.

New podcast schedule! From here on out, Sam and Teej are releasing an episode every week. Why? Cause there’s a lot we have to talk about,

chum. So we’ll start with a freakin’ gem of an interview with Portland hip hop group Bomb Ass Pussy. This was a great conversation to be a part of, so enjoy!

Short but sweet – here’s an episode where Sam and TJ try to pinpoint the reasons they like certain media and where people find meaning. Boils down to a lot of avoiding clich├ęs, if you want the bottom line of it.

Guys, we found out about this great new service called Netflix! It’s great, you can watch movies and stuff online! Holy cow! Sam and TJ take the opportunity to expound upon Netflix and other streaming services

and why they work well.

Join Rufus McNary and Davis McGillicutty, two apparently Scottish Brits with American accents, who created the

BBC show “Coupling.” Their commentary of the first episode reveals the impressive behind-the-scenes production and even some of the emotional difficulties behind making the show.

Our hallowed halls are graced by the presence of one Joshua Winegarner, film producer and claymation animator. But is that all we talk about? Ho ho ho, oh my, no, dear listener, no. Sam, TJ, and Josh take you on a journey of mustaches and a particularly good lightning round at the end.

With their very special guest, stand-up comic Anthony Lopez, Sam and TJ take a guided tour of the nature of comedy and performance. Also, what’s the deal with the James Bond continuity? You know, the great mysteries of life.

And here’s part two of Sam, TJ, and Babs, MAT!

Aww yeah, it’s gettin’ critical up in here. Sam and TJ are joined by their friend Babs, MAT, to discuss the importance of interpreting the

media in everyday life. And Taco Bell gets

a strange amount of attention. The audio file was a bit large so it’s comin’ in two parts!

Sam and TJ welcome their first full-episode guest to the podcast to discuss how cool sci fi

is, how technology and literature interact, and Google search history.