Sam and TJ check in about their media consumption – surprise, it’s podcasts!!! Then they leave their recording studio, and SOMEONE left the door unlocked, so all manner of characters get inside.

After an impromptu week off, Sam and TJ get back together to discuss one of the best media phenomena: the cult film. Where do they come from? Where do they go? Did you see the midnight grindhouse slasher, Cotton-Eye Joe? No one has these answers. But we do discuss what it means to be a cult film vs. a cult classic, the history of this particular branch of media, and how we’re gonna get rich.

TJ pulls some strings to get a very special guest on the show, Professor Emeritus Duncan Carter of Portland State University. He talks to us about his jam: rhetoric. It’s all around us! “I’m not exactly sure what it is,” you say? Well dang, have a listen and learn a thing or two.

Sam and TJ take a moment to reflect on a strange media phenomenon: holograms. Whether you love ’em or hate ’em, it’s hard to deny that really you should love ’em because holograms are like the SICKEST THING. So learn a little about what they can do for us and what Sam and TJ would like to see them become.

As we plunge farther into fall and with winter around the corner, indoor activities are on the rise. So we consulted with our friend November, oh-so appropriately, to discuss reading as well as literature in a greater context.

As you know, Halloween is just around the corner. I mean heck, it has rounded the corner and you can see it walking towards you! And you are avoiding eye contact because you’re still so far away, you’ll say hi once you are close but man what do you do until then? Anyway, Sam and TJ discuss the nature of Halloween movies and costumes. Get into it!

It’s that most wonderful time of the year – Jeff Goldblum’s birthday! Sam and TJ meet with Scott Sneed, who shares a birthday with Mr. Goldblum and therefore understands exactly how he thinks and feels, and the gang discusses what are the best ways to celebrate this venerated holiday. And zeppelins.

A very exciting event is coming up in which Portland’s top crafters compete on stage – including Sam and Amarette! It is hosted by SCRAP, a creative re-use materials center, and we talk with Debbie Caselton about what SCRAP does and what to expect from the Rebel Craft Rumble. And never fear, TJ checks in with a little intro that has plenty to do with cereals.

What is this, music month?? Just joking; every month is music month if you believe in your heart. Sam and TJ are joined by the prolific Josh Lambe, a man of many bands. He regales us with his history of musical projects and the gang discusses the nature of cover band names, all while partaking in noisy snacks.

Today’s episode is one that only could have been recorded in a basement music studio. Sam and TJ talk

with James Bartlett, seasoned musician / cat lover. Stay tuned to the end of the episode for one of his tracks; “Mini Renoir” from the band Day One Symphony.