Thomas Judson “T.J.” Carter was born a white, heterosexual male in June of 1988. He grew up in the suburbs of Portland, OR, where he spent most of his time watching movies, playing video games, and running a dragon prostitution ring (what?). In 2011, T.J. earned an English degree from the University of Oregon with a minor in Creative Writing. His current day job is writing and editing blog articles for small businesses, though the dragon-pimping life still beckons.

T.J.’s yearning to do something with his life has led him to co-create In Medias Rad with Sam Cole, an old friend (seriously, he’s like 85). T.J. enjoys having conversations about his favorite and least favorite TV shows, movies, video games, etc., and is narcissistic enough to think you might enjoy these conversations, too.

T.J. wants to be a writer despite his milquetoast life. He thinks he can make you pity him for being privileged. He can’t. He thinks he’s being clever by pointing out this transparent ruse. He’s not. He wants to confound you with what he thinks is a meta mind game. He won’t, and it isn’t.  



Photo on 1-11-14 at 3.09 PM #2

Sam Cole is a fellow variously described as ”thirsty,” “marginally tall,” and “Sam, why would you eat that.” Haha, who knows, let’s move on.

Though he relishes many bygone eras, Sam is happy to be alive in our modern age of advancing technology and creativity. And he wants in on the action. To that end, he has joined with long-time co-conspirator T.J. Carter to engage in topical banter, witty and otherwise, delivered to you in the form of In Medias Rad.

“Wait a minute,” you exclaim, “I demand to see some credentials!” Well, dear readers, rest assured that Sam is a certified student of English, Film, the ominous Multimedia, and a lackadaisical surveyor of Ye Olde Internete. His interests are many.

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