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Media, in all its forms, is humanity’s greatest creation. It allows us to express ourselves, tell stories, and build on each other’s ideas. It allows us to share pieces of ourselves with people around the world and through time, to reach beyond our DNA and take the helm of our intellectual evolution. Media, from the first glyphs to Twitter, tells the story of the human experience; it is the story of the human experience.

Unless you live in the mountains and pass your time growing beards and fighting bears, media influences your life. From newspapers to video games to advertisements, media is a ubiquitous force that shapes how we think, what we do, and who we are.

This website is dedicated to the study of media. We, Sam and T.J., recognize that this is a very broad topic, but we have a broad range of interests and we feel our listeners do, too. As you navigate the website and listen to our podcast episodes, you’ll encounter casual reviews of Sci-Fi epics, deep discussions of the role media plays in Globalization, the occasional fart joke, and much more.

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Sam and T.J.

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