Sam and TJ get to sit down with the many-talented Chris Sakr to discuss a whole lot. We start with his film, “Light,” and that takes us all kinds of places, including the culture of Lebanon, the nature of film fests and distribution, and crowd-funded projects. Chris even set up a special promotion for listeners at “” Check it out and don’t miss Part 2, found here.

Ahoy sailors! TJ here. Just thought I’d check in and see how you’re doing. How ARE you doing? You look great.

Sam and I participated in the Portland 48-hour Film Project a couple weeks back. Mostly Sam. I’d love to take credit for it, but really I barely chipped in during the initial brainstorming session. Friends of the show Amarette Gregor, Josh Winegarner, Mychael Foster, and others did a heckuva job. The film is called “Racer in the Void,” and you can see it here:

In other news, we had a lovely conversation with Scott Engdahl, a Portland improviser, actor, writer, and wearer of many hats. I urge you to listen if you haven’t already.

Click here to learn more about Bath Night, an absurdly good sketch comedy show featuring Scott Engdahl and written by Sean McGrath. It’s at Shaking the Tree Studio, located at SE 14th and Stark. It ends on August 30, so get your tix now! Seriously, it’s a whole lot of fun. I think movie buffs will especially get a kick out of it. Also, it’s a great excuse to support PDX theater!

Be sure to check out the Brody Theater website for information about improv shows and classes. I just took an improv class there, and sweet lord is it worth it. It is a ton of fun and not scary AT ALL. You should check it out if you’re even a tiny bit interested.

Thanks for listening, watching, reading, masticating, gesticulating, prognosticating, and other verbs-ing. Give us a shout if you have any comments or questions!



We are pleased to announce that TJ and Sam have discovered a revolutionary new technology that allows you to “watch” a movie without even having to open your eyes. Please enjoy this trip into tomorrow as Sam and TJ take you right into the world of “Sharknado,” 2013′s controversial cinematic triumph.

Hey there, folks! Sam here with a couple odds ‘n’ ends.

First of all, I hope you enjoy today’s episode with Amarette Gregor. She is a delight. You can find her at the following:

Her website

Her Facebook

Her Etsy shop.

And don’t forget last week’s episode, starring the one and only Ben Olsen. Catch up with him:

Out of Line Productions

OoLP on Facebook

Ben’s Instagram


Ok, and what about Sam and TJ? Well, this weekend we will be diving in to the Portland 48 Hour Film Festival. Participants begin Friday evening with a prompt and have to turn in a finished film by the end of Sunday. You’ve probably heard about it, as it is a worldwide competition! It’s gonna be crazy, we’ll make sure to announce the finished product.

In the meantime, I’ve been enjoying an Alejandro Jodowrosky retrospective at the Hollywood Theater. This week they are playing “The Dance of Reality” and “Holy Mountain.” See them if you are into weird shit. I think I’ll have to tell people about it anyway, you could save yourself the trip. Or you should watch “Snowpiercer,” which is just a spot-on sci fi. Really, Hollywood Theater has just got it goin’ on.

Lastly – we are trying to build the podcast and collect resources to make it sound as good as possible. I personally enjoy having some ambient noise included in the recording because it makes it feel a little more natural. BUT, if you listeners out there have any feedback on the sound quality of what we do, please email us at inmediasrad@gmail. We’d love to know.

That’s it for now, chickens. Stay groovy.